Lianne Laing

 This one of a kind cruise, hosted by Lianne Laing encourages you to embrace the European setting while also aiming to improve your overall health. A variety of experts will be on hand to help motivate, coach and inspire. They will be hosting a variety of classes ranging from yoga and pilates to core conditioning and high intensity training. Morning runs, bikes and stretches are also an option. Guests will also benefit from onboard seminars and workshops focused on nutrition, cooking, skin care, beauty and overall mental health.

Lianne spent the last 20 years as a Television Broadcaster- Ten years as a sports anchor and another ten as the host of CTV Morning Live. A former elite athlete and now busy mom of two girls, she has maintained her passion for health, fitness and wellness. She’s addicted to it! This experience hits on all aspects of what makes us truly feel good. Fitness, Movement, Food, Beauty, Soul Searching and so much more! She had a vision of bringing like-minded people together in the hopes of empowering their well-being, all while taking in breathtaking views and life experiences in different parts of the world.